Mother nature creates masterpieces that we select and shape to give you the best.

Lightened marble

The only company in central and southern Italy able to carry out lightened marble workings. 

This technique allows the use of precious natural stones even on structures that normally could not support their weight. The use of these surfaces ensures, thanks to the limited weight, to have greater flexibility and resistance, thus allowing a wide use both in the field of construction and interior design.


We meet customer requests, we shape the stone according to the client’s request.

Over the years we acquired great expertise in artisanal processing that allows us today to create custom shapes.

Here is an example of shaping of the base of a statue.



colonna base scultura

Cutting slabs of marble blocks, stones and agglomerates

News of 2021, the only machine in the center-south able to obtain slabs from a single block in a short time.

We guarantee maximum cutting precision by means of diamond blades with alternating straight movement, we obtain high quality products.

Lightweight marble

Innovative technique that allows to build monolithic shapes with a low weight.

The lightweight marble allows the use of precious natural stones on structures that normally could not bear their weight.

The use of these surfaces guarantees, through the limited weight, to have greater flexibility and strength,thus allowing a wide design and implementation potential.

parete e top in marmo alleggerito

Splitting of plates

The splitting of the marble slab is carried out through a diamond wire quickly and effectively.


The repair of the marble is carried out with extreme care, attention and professionalism.

Here an example of repair of a bench of Gioia del Colle.

panca arredo urbano Gioia del Colle